IT Standard Deployment

IT Standard can be implemented in various ways depending on the company’s maturity and level of competence needed to deploy the work according to the guidelines. A company can take full advantage of IT Standard to run their business, however, they first need to have an understanding of the wanted changes and the focus areas for improvement. The deployment of IT Standard consists of several steps that are described in this figure.



Figure 7.1.1 Deployment Plan.

Maturity Analysis

IT Standard maturity analysis is a way to assess the current state of a company’s IT operations and to determine the areas that need improvement. It consists of performing assessments based on the CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration) scale for each IT function within the company.

The maturity analysis can be done through six levels of development ranging from completely unorganized, impulsive ad hoc processes to the highest level of well-managed and orderly, systematic operations. It is performed as a self-assessment. Each assessed IT function gets a score according to the maturity level it best corresponds to.


Score Description
5 The task is quantitatively managed. The causes for deviations are clarified and the development of task-related processes is continuous and innovative.
4 The task is managed and controlled using defined indicators.
3 The task has been implemented, is well-defined and measurable.
2 The task is planned but no controlled implementation has occurred.
1 The task is unplanned. It is performed but practices are lacking.
0 The task is unidentified. It is performed incidentally, at best.

Maturity Levels

Each different IT function gets a score according to the maturity level scale. In the basic framework illustration of IT Standard, also known as the grid, there are altogether 28 functions. The maturity assessment helps to determine the current level of maturity in a certain function and to set the target levels. Based on the results the company can better decide where to focus the development efforts. The company will also learn a general opinion about its IT maturity and if there are gaps in communication. In addition, it gives the awareness whether the business view and the IT views are aligned as well as the possibility to benchmark the company’s IT maturity against others in the industry.

The deployment of the IT Standard should be as pragmatic as possible. Proceeding in phases, the deployment process begins with an effort to understand what is essential and what will be the focus of improvement. Only after this the improvement measures are identified and setup as projects.


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