Business Benefits Realization

The Project Manager is responsible for project completion until the end of the Rollout stage. Some of the Business Benefits may be achieved before this happens, for example already in the Pilot, although in most cases, they materialize at some point in the future. For this reason, the Business Benefits Plan is one of the most important deliverables of the Rollout stage. The Business Benefits Plan describes how the benefits will be realized in businesses and how the follow-up will be organized under supervision of the Development Management Office (DMO) and Project Portfolio Management.

According the Business Benefits Plan, after the project deliverables have been accepted, periodically organized benefit reviews are conducted to track if the originally targeted business benefits are being realized. In these reviews the development trends of the metrics as specified in the Business Case should be analyzed. General observations might tell whether the project produced some other value.

If the business benefits are not realizing as expected or realizing too slowly, root cause analysis should be conducted to support decision making on initiating possible corrective actions. User-acceptance and user-experience are good indicators to support decision making on what kind of further development or training are required.

If the business benefits do realize as expected, it is a good practice to communicate this success to all relevant stakeholders.

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