Deployment and Training

The Deployment Phase includes Piloting and Rollout which include training of the stakeholder groups. In this phase, the organizational change is brought to life and monitored closely by surveys, through Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and by gathering feedback from users. The aim of Piloting is to make sure that everything works in production with real users, Master Data and integrations. Piloting is done to increase readiness and to finalize the system before the full-scale Rollout. This Gate 5 is usually approved by Portfolio Steering due to its importance for everyday Business Operations. If Piloting is for some reason omitted (for example, due to the project’s small impact on the business organization), the previous stage, Gate 4 (Validation) may be escalated to the portfolio level.

Training and Rollout are phases at which the actual benefits from the project begin to materialize. During Piloting, the project’s deliverables are transferred to the Service Organization by integrating them into continuous operations (see Service Management Stream). Preparations for this stage begin already at the Planning stage to ensure that all parties have a common understanding of the solution, its readiness, quality and organizational impact.

There are three approaches to Rollout, and all of these can also be combined.


Figure 5.7.1 Rollout Stage Methods.


After the Rollout, the project is closed. Project completion includes an evaluation of how well the targets were met, approval of project deliverables, and documentation of any further development ideas and unresolved issues. Deliverables and post-project service responsibilities and warranty periods are recorded in the Service Handover Documentation. In addition to preparing the actual final report, it is important to conduct a feedback survey across stakeholder groups as well as to document the lessons learned and experiences gained during the project.

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