Self Service and Automation

An enterprise should aim to automate IT services as widely as possible. Increased automation will spare resources and enable self-service independently of time and place. This can be done efficiently via a Service Management Platform.

The Service Management Platform enables the management of services and related transactions. The platform enables process automation and the implementation of a self-service portal for end users. The Service Management Platform includes a Configuration Management Database (CMDB) as a repository for configuration items as well as their relations and attributes.

The Service Management Platform binds together all the elements of Service Management. It includes management tools for Service Offering, Development Roadmaps, Projects and Resources, and contains the CMDB to manage the Service Architecture and its development. It includes the Service Portfolio and Dashboards for Service Portfolio Steering. It provides ITIL process support, Catalogs, Workflow Management and Integration to support all SIAM Processes.

Large companies typically buy and customize their own IT Service Management (ITSM) systems, whereas small companies rely on standardized services from ITSM vendors and independent service providers.


Figure 6.8.1 Self-Service and automation are enabled by Service Management.

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