Category and Technology Management

Sourcing should categorize services in order to have a better understanding about volumes in each subcategory. Printing is one example of a subcategory and may be present in many different formats: centralized printing services, special printing in business and personal printers in management offices, for example. While the first one is under the control of the Service Management function, the next two may be non-existent from the Service Management point of view. However, Sourcing should be aware of the total volume of printing with the support of Financial Planning and Control. In other words, Category Management helps organizations source services in their full scale and scope.

While Category Management views things from the inside out, Technology Management has the opposite perspective, looking at things outside-in. The task of Technology Management is to follow the technology trends in the marketplace with the help of technology and service providers. The key objective is to support Service Management in continuous service improvement by promoting new technology opportunities, and by ensuring that there are no contractual issues prohibiting the development. Technology Management proactively monitors, discovers and evaluates emerging technology opportunities. Therefore, initiating the sourcing process to acquire solutions and services for new business concepts often falls into Technology Management’s task list.

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